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Advance your team's success through effective public speaking and presentation training

human resources, rhode island, public speaking, corporate training, providence, rhode island, attorneys, better presentations, greater skillsWhat will it mean to your company when the executives and managers are more confident, more persuasive and consistently deliver more compelling presentations?


Public speaking skills have a significant effect on one's success, and inherently, on the company's success as well. It's because of this fact that your executives and managers must possess excellent presentation abilities.


Executives and managers must have the tools that offer them the ability to effectively convey their information when:

  • Presenting at meetings
  • Delivering critical information to their superiors or in the boardroom
  • Speaking at industry events
  • Discussing opportunities with key clients
  • Delivering a major keynote address on stage
  • Pitching to prospects and VCs


Successful executives understand the advantages they gain by refining their public speaking skills. Also, they realize that we are in an age of information, and consequently, they must effectively communicate their knowledge, experience and ideas.



  • Be calm, confident and comfortable every time you present
  • Effectively engage, inspire and persuade audience members
  • Use your voice as a valuable communication tool
  • Use positive body language that complements your presentations
  • Develop a message that resonates with your audiences
  • Properly use technology to enrich your message
  • Implement effective rehearsal techniques
  • Use this tool to attain the level of success you desire




This is the public speaking training you want for your team. Contact me now at 401.742.1231 to discuss how I can help each participant be more a effective communicator and, therefore, even more valuable to your company.

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"Peter helps his clients fine tune their presenting style, confidently connect with their audiences and consistently demonstrate why they are the obvious choice. I highly recommend him ... " read more


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